Greater Northwood Covenant Association is a 501c4 nonprofit organization whose formal mission is “To Promote Clean and Safe Neighborhoods”.

Daily Operations:

Households in the Greater Northwood Covenant Association pay mandatory annual dues (30¢/100 sq. ft. of property), a portion of which is returned to the community to carry out community improvement or maintenance projects.

The GNCA Board is comprised of presidents (or designee) of each of the community associations and the volunteer non-voting officers.

The GNCA Board:

  • holds quarterly meetings to consider timely issues in the Northwood area,
  • assists in providing necessary information during real estate closings
  • collects mandatory annual assessment dues
  • administers funds back to communities for proposed projects, and
  • upholds homes’ exterior appearance to ensure that the 2,709 homes in the organization’s neighborhoods are in alignment with our historically-oriented architectural guidelines.

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