GNCA is Hiring !!! Executive Secretary

GNCA is looking to hire a new Executive Secretary. We are sad that our incredible current Executive Secretary is leaving us, but this opens an opportunity for another great individual to help support GNCA.

GNCA Executive Secretary

Part-time “virtual assistant”- Executive Secretary.  

Workload will vary from 5 hours -20 hours/week depending on season and volume of work responsibilities. All work can be completed remotely (online) at a pace determined by the secretary. This is a paid position, and salary requirements will be discussed during the interview process.


  • Serve as communication hub for GNCA operations and activities
  • Search and review home sales and auctions, contact listing agent via email/mail, provide resale packet with covenant restrictions to every home for sale, clear out back dues owed: 
    • Work with GNCA officers and trustees (GNCA member neighborhood Presidents) to create standard info packet (cover letter, summary of dues owed, covenant info packet, etc.)
    • Track and record all properties for sale in the greater community (Redfin, Zillow, MLS, etc)
    • Distribute correspondence to the listing agent, seller, title company, all relevant parties
    • Follow up to ensure the seller is paid in full before sale.  If not cooperative, refer to collections.  If sold without making an account current, pursue the title company for the amount due.
  • Return all correspondence from residents/homeowners, realtors, title companies.  Respond to all phone and email communication, support social media engagement and update GNCA website as necessary.
  • Provide title companies needed documents for real estate closings (Estoppel for official payoff documents/ledger, resale packet, summary letter or completed form)
  • Provide welcome packets from GNCA with any additional info from neighborhood to new residents – Send welcome packets to new residents clearly explaining their rights, responsibilities, how to get in touch, etc.
  • Work with board members and trustees to create updates and correspondence for each community about GNCA’s purpose, current activities and upcoming meetings.  Distribute that correspondence quarterly or as updates are available. (Post meeting announcements and newsletters to website, Facebook page, NextDoor; Post minutes to website after meeting)
  • General Administration and Data (Records) Management for GNCA files
  • External Communication regarding Special Projects or Circumstances with community members and general public
  • Check the GNCA PO Box and follow-up on all requests
  • Prepare deposits for GNCA Bank accounts from checks received 
  • Coordinate and support financial processes through current treasurer
  • Serve as an Administrator for online HOA platform (PayHOA) for payments, communications and operations for neighborhoods

If you are interested or know of anyone interested in applying to the position please send an email to and with a resume or other relevant experience along with contact information to schedule a virtual interview with the GNCA trustees. Please share this with anyone who might be interested as well.


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